February 20, 2017

I wanted to share some personal images taken on a trip to Grimaud on the French Riviera because it’s just such a lovely place! I was there to cover a wedding and my schedule was such that I had a spare day all to myself before flying onto my next location. I spent the most glorious sunny day getting to know somewhere new. Often when I travel for work, I prefer to stay in the hotel and not sightsee. Usually I’m trying to preserve my energy for the wedding, and have to dedicate a large amount of time to making sure that I’m familiar with the area and have found great locations for the wedding day itself. But when I arrived in Grimaud, I just had to explore. I think that I was really busy with work and focusing so much on the wedding and work, I hadn’t really looked at where I would be staying like I normally do. I was so happy when I arrived to be greeted by such beauty! I strolled through the beautiful streets of the medieval city, with my Contax in hand. It’s definitely worth a visit to this picture postcard village.


Thanks so much gyan!!

Every picture is just so stunning!!! Love the warmth and softness of it all!

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