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Engagement & Couple Photography

Some couples book their engagement session as a part of their wedding photography package but many others will book me as they're travelling to the UK for their engagement photographs together, they're celebrating an anniversary or they'd just like some beautiful new portraits taken by a professional. Whatever your reasoning, I'd love to hear from you.

what's the best time for a couples photoshoot?



If it's a sunny day then meeting a couple of hours before sunset (or soon after sunrise) is the absolute ideal. The light is at its most beautiful and flattering. If the day is cloudy, this isn't so important and really any time of day is okay but I always aim to avoid the couple of hours in the very middle of the day when the sun is at its highest in the sky.

What should we wear?


I always advise that you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. After that, it's a good idea to take the time of year and the location that you've chosen for your setting into account. Finally, it's great to think about how your outfits work together. I'm always happy to talk to you about this and have you send over any photos if you find that helpful too.

is it possible to use the images for our wedding stationary.


a couple's photography session typically lasts about two hours. After the session you will receive your images via online gallery at high-resolution. you can then use these files to make prints and share them with family and friends.

Absolutely. You receive full printing rights so are free to use the images in this way. If you're working with a stationer, be sure to find out the print deadline so that we can be sure to schedule your session so that you're able to get the images to them to meet any print deadlines you may have.

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